The Posts (Sane Project)

The pages are certainly what this blog is based around. But I can’t expect myself to write page upon page of scientific explanation without break or opinion. So while I traverse the literature and breakdown concepts so that they can be understood, I’m giving myself room to break free and let off steam. These will form the basis of my posts.


I’m hoping to come to some form of structure as I go along (motivational Monday, review Wednesday, thoughtful Thursday. Something like that), in the beginning however these posts will probably compose of:

  • Complaints about something I’m doing that’s difficult and in the way of the project.
  • Some research I found fascinating/ridiculous that doesn’t fit in with the project but would make good writing material.
  • Reviews of something I’ve seen, a documentary or book for example.
  • Provocative thoughts for digestion and debate.

I do hope they consist of worthy material and that you enjoy them!

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