The Pages (Main Project)

These pages are my pet project. Unluckily for me I managed to choose a pet project that may be a little too big. But that isn’t going to stop me from trying. Anyway let me explain what I’m aiming for:

I am unhappy with the way science is communicated to the public. There’s a level of education at schools, if you’re lucky you would have a good teacher, if you’re not you’d get a bad one. Some people may carry on to study science at university, most people won’t. That’s about the level of communication everyone gets and it doesn’t go very far. However every now and then we get a Brian Cox or Carl Sagan who entrances a nation with their scientific documentaries. That’s great in my opinion. Except it’s often just one tiny corner of science, usually space for some reason. But what about the rest of science? Other areas of science are covered in documentaries, sometimes, but it is a bit touch and go as to whether many people will watch them, or even understand them.

I believe that, with the right motivation and resources, anyone can learn science up to any level, from a 6 year olds curriculum through to a Nobel Prize winner’s thesis. That is what this project is for. It is about creating an open resource that is accessible, reliable and understandable. And no it’s not the same as Wikipedia because it is going to have more direction and, most importantly, it’s not going to be edited by the whole world. By keeping it’s creation regulated and restricted to people who write on a subject they know and reference well, I hope to keep this resource reliable.

Essentially this is an online textbook that covers all of science and is free to use.

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