Help Wanted

I’ve stated many times that this will probably be an ongoing project that will never completely finish. That’s not because I’m lazy and slow, it’s because science is a huge ever growing field with new articles and research being published every week. For one person to be able to condense and explain all of that in one lifetime is pretty much hopeless, even if it’s worth trying!

For that reason I’m putting up a notice for help wanted.


If you understand any field of science, how to reference your material accurately and how to break down concepts in an understandable and engaging format then I want you! You don’t need a degree or any formal qualification as long as you can reference accurately (which I will check).


Upsides to helping out:
  • You will be named if you want to (If you have Google+ you can be tagged in Google search results as well).
  • This can help you to publicise yourself for your blog, or even on your own CV. People like someone who can write and has evidence to show it!
  • Science is fun!
  • You will not be paid, this is voluntary work. The site makes no money and therefore I make no money from the site.
  • It will take up your valuable own time.
  • If you write one good article, I will probably ask you to write more!
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