Believing is Not Seeing: Visual Science and Reality part 2

Let’s get this straight from the off. You don’t see nearly as much as you think you do. In fact you barely see anything. You may think this is an exaggeration but I’m being serious. And I’ll explain why.

Before we start you should read the first post in this series.

Firstly you don’t see smooth motions in the world around you. The neurons in your eyes can’t work that fast (more…)


Myth Debunker: We Only Use 10% Of Our Brains.

Myths are a plague upon Science!

Great for Hollywood, especially disaster movies, but a plague for Science!

One of the my pet hates is the myth : “We only use 10% of our brains!”

some of us probably use even less...


The Brain and Reality

Prepare yourself for a weird post.

Forget everything you know about the world and how it looks. Everything you have ever seen, everything you have ever heard, even everything you have ever felt and smelt, is not real. It’s all just pretend. I’m not joking either, everything you have ever experienced has been made up. (more…)

The Brain is also a Computer – Man or Machine

How do we see?

How do we feel?

How do we think?

There are so many huge philosophical questions that can be answered with: ‘Our Brain does it.’

Man or Machine?

We know which part of us gives us the beauty of life, what most people don’t know is how it does it. (more…)

Questions about Science

I’ve opened up the Questions page for anyone who wants anything answered.


It’s an open floor for people to ask questions about Science that I can try to answer (or get someone else to!).

I’m not going to be answering questions straight away as I continue to update the Life series and other basics, but I will start soon. So it would be nice to get the question ball rolling!