Just a quick reblog for anyone who still has doubts about evolution. A small recommendation.


Embryology = Evolution = DNA???

Look at this picture of some embryos:

There's a person in here somewhere.

One of them is a human, do you know which?

How about this one:

This one is a bit more obvious?

Lets make it really easy for you: (more…)

Life: In The Making…

This is just an update about my intentions:

As I’ve been talking about evolution I have been continuously mentioning genetics, heritability and reproduction. So I thought the next place to go to would be DNA and embryology. This will hopefully give this (more…)

Life: Are We Still Evolving?

OK, this is probably going to be the last evolution post! I was only expecting to do one…

In recent years there has been one main controversy in the field. No Evolutionary Biologist I’ve ever heard of questions evolution’s existence. What is very often questioned is whether or not we are still evolving.


Problems With Believing Evolution

I’ve talked to loads of people on this subject. I’m an avid believe in evolution, but I haven’t found many of the same.

In fact, I’ve talked to doctors, medical students, even PhD students and fully fledged scientists. A lot will believe in evolution, but many will be sceptical of it. I have found so far, two main reasons for this. (more…)

Life: The Meaning of… as Ascribed by Evolution

If there are any creationists or evolution sceptics following me, this post may cause a bit of trouble.

My first point is: There is a huge (more…)

Life: The Meaning Of…

I’ve been a bit inspired by the following article:¬†Can scientists define ‘life’ … using just three words?.

It talks about the ongoing argument over what the definition of life is. One man who has looked into it in depth has decided to define it as (more…)

What is Life?

I’ve decided the best place to start this blog on explaining science, is to do a series of posts on something that’s a important to everyone, and is

probably¬†one of the most important aspects of science, I’m going to base the next few posts on Life.

The series will most likely include:

– Some stuff on cells and what we are all made of.

– DNA and the ‘code of life’ (or how we create life).

– This might be controversial to some people but I think it’s pretty important: evolution.

– Thoughts on consciousness and various theories on how we think and the existence of free will.

– As an afterthought I could do a small exploration into the universe and how it supports life, as well as whether there is life outside of this planet (or solar system).

If anyone at any point comes up with other suggestions feel free to comment on the blog and I’ll see if I can get to it!