Embryology = Evolution = DNA???

Look at this picture of some embryos:

There's a person in here somewhere.

One of them is a human, do you know which?

How about this one:

This one is a bit more obvious?

Lets make it really easy for you: (more…)


Life: In The Making… Summary and Picture

I showed everyone this picture in the first post of this mini series.

Life As We Know It.

I also mentioned that I hoped everyone would know what it was by the end of this.

If you didn’t guess, it’s an embryo! In fact it’s a human when they are only 16-cells big (16-cell stage embryo).

The thing that the embryo is sitting on. That’s the end of a needle, or a pin. It’s absolutely tiny, and we were all that big once!

Moving on.

Embryology is not a hugely wordy topic, and is probably best visualised. I did some digging and found a nice video on youtube that maps a humans journey through pregnancy. Watch if you are so minded:


I’m probably going to do a couple of aside posts on babies, and maybe an extra evolution and DNA post in.

Life: Why is Gastrulation So Important?

I left this a little bit unanswered in the last post.

I explained how pregnancy is so long in humans mainly due to our brains. By that logic a lot of people might assume neurulation is the most important.

I also mentioned that one of the biggest problems with premature births is poor lung development. So that might suggest that organogenesis might be the most important.

But no (more…)

Life: In The Making… Embryology

This is a video of zebrafish going through the most important portion of development, gastrulation, and then seemingly having a massive fit (they are probably just starting to move about, the films sped up a lot so it looks a bit odd). It’s a little bit crazy that  (more…)

Life: In the Making… Fertilisation

We used to think babies were hidden inside the sperm.

In almost every religion and every society, the world seems to revolve around babies. (Although sometimes it seems to revolve around bankers). As soon as someone is pregnant, everyone runs to them to feel the baby move. As soon as the baby is born, everyone runs to hold the baby, or to see it. Even in politics, education is one of the main standpoints, the education of children.

So I’m going to explain how these little people come about. I’m assuming I don’t need to start with the birds and the bees. (more…)

Life: In The Making…

This is just an update about my intentions:

As I’ve been talking about evolution I have been continuously mentioning genetics, heritability and reproduction. So I thought the next place to go to would be DNA and embryology. This will hopefully give this (more…)

Life: The Meaning Of…

I’ve been a bit inspired by the following article: Can scientists define ‘life’ … using just three words?.

It talks about the ongoing argument over what the definition of life is. One man who has looked into it in depth has decided to define it as (more…)