Embryology = Evolution = DNA???

Look at this picture of some embryos:

There's a person in here somewhere.

One of them is a human, do you know which?

How about this one:

This one is a bit more obvious?

Lets make it really easy for you: (more…)


Life: In the Making… Fertilisation

We used to think babies were hidden inside the sperm.

In almost every religion and every society, the world seems to revolve around babies. (Although sometimes it seems to revolve around bankers). As soon as someone is pregnant, everyone runs to them to feel the baby move. As soon as the baby is born, everyone runs to hold the baby, or to see it. Even in politics, education is one of the main standpoints, the education of children.

So I’m going to explain how these little people come about. I’m assuming I don’t need to start with the birds and the bees. (more…)

The Future of Medicine – DNA and Pharmacogenomics

This will be the last DNA dedicated post.

Modern Medicine has done a lot in the last couple of centuries. We found penicillin and antibiotics, vaccines have become more effective and anaesthetics became more widely used. Even things like modern pharmacology were born, giving thousands of life saving drugs. In short millions, probably billions, of lives have been saved. But there are still a lot of problems. (more…)

The Uselessness of DNA

Several of the greatest ever scientific projects and discoveries over the last 100 years have been to do with DNA.

  1. First there was the discovery that DNA is the code for life.
  2. Next there was the discovery of the structure of DNA, allowing us to interpret the code.
  3. This carried on, we learnt about transcription and translation.
  4. Then eventually there was the Human Genome Project (HGP), which mapped out every single codon in all of our DNA.  And it was the HGP that gave us all a big shock.


Life: DNA – Translating Life

This is probably all the basic understanding of DNA that you will ever need (especially if you are a non-scientist). If you are a molecular biologist, than this is just the beginning!

Turning DNA into proteins (and thus creating life) is split into two distinct steps:

  1. Transcribing. (Meaning to write out)
  2. Translating. (So translating the written out code into proteins)

Lets start.

Life: DNA – Breaking The Code

To start off on this massive topic I would like to note a couple of key concepts: (more…)

Life: “It’s all in the DNA'”

Before I get started I want to start with the reasons why DNA is so important.


Life: In The Making…

This is just an update about my intentions:

As I’ve been talking about evolution I have been continuously mentioning genetics, heritability and reproduction. So I thought the next place to go to would be DNA and embryology. This will hopefully give this (more…)

Life: What We’re Made of Part 1 (The Cell)

This bit has taken a lot of doing so I’ve decided to split it up over a few posts.

I’ve said so far that the world is made of atoms (and I expect to say at some point what atoms are made of) as are all things living. Yet this only explains so much. Atoms are nice as building blocks, but they don’t just randomly create life, they have to be expertly controlled. So to make life, atoms need to be controlled and this role is filled by much bigger molecules. (more…)

What is Life?

I’ve decided the best place to start this blog on explaining science, is to do a series of posts on something that’s a important to everyone, and is

probably¬†one of the most important aspects of science, I’m going to base the next few posts on Life.

The series will most likely include:

– Some stuff on cells and what we are all made of.

– DNA and the ‘code of life’ (or how we create life).

– This might be controversial to some people but I think it’s pretty important: evolution.

– Thoughts on consciousness and various theories on how we think and the existence of free will.

– As an afterthought I could do a small exploration into the universe and how it supports life, as well as whether there is life outside of this planet (or solar system).

If anyone at any point comes up with other suggestions feel free to comment on the blog and I’ll see if I can get to it!