Embryology = Evolution = DNA???

Look at this picture of some embryos:

There's a person in here somewhere.

One of them is a human, do you know which?

How about this one:

This one is a bit more obvious?

Lets make it really easy for you: (more…)


Life: In The Making… Summary and Picture

I showed everyone this picture in the first post of this mini series.

Life As We Know It.

I also mentioned that I hoped everyone would know what it was by the end of this.

If you didn’t guess, it’s an embryo! In fact it’s a human when they are only 16-cells big (16-cell stage embryo).

The thing that the embryo is sitting on. That’s the end of a needle, or a pin. It’s absolutely tiny, and we were all that big once!

Moving on.

Embryology is not a hugely wordy topic, and is probably best visualised. I did some digging and found a nice video on youtube that maps a humans journey through pregnancy. Watch if you are so minded:


I’m probably going to do a couple of aside posts on babies, and maybe an extra evolution and DNA post in.

Life: Why is Gastrulation So Important?

I left this a little bit unanswered in the last post.

I explained how pregnancy is so long in humans mainly due to our brains. By that logic a lot of people might assume neurulation is the most important.

I also mentioned that one of the biggest problems with premature births is poor lung development. So that might suggest that organogenesis might be the most important.

But no (more…)

Life: In The Making… Embryology

This is a video of zebrafish going through the most important portion of development, gastrulation, and then seemingly having a massive fit (they are probably just starting to move about, the films sped up a lot so it looks a bit odd). It’s a little bit crazy that  (more…)