Questions about Science

I’ve opened up the Questions page for anyone who wants anything answered.


It’s an open floor for people to ask questions about Science that I can try to answer (or get someone else to!).

I’m not going to be answering questions straight away as I continue to update the Life series and other basics, but I will start soon. So it would be nice to get the question ball rolling!


Life: What We’re Made of Part 1 (The Cell)

This bit has taken a lot of doing so I’ve decided to split it up over a few posts.

I’ve said so far that the world is made of atoms (and I expect to say at some point what atoms are made of) as are all things living. Yet this only explains so much. Atoms are nice as building blocks, but they don’t just randomly create life, they have to be expertly controlled. So to make life, atoms need to be controlled and this role is filled by much bigger molecules. (more…)

A Small Comment About the Last Post and Empty Space

I wanted to add a little bit more to the last post, but it was already getting quite long and I thought it would be best to publish this seperately.

Atoms are vitally important, but trying to explain what they are is not always the most fascinating of tasks. However one thing about them really does interest me. (more…)

MyBlog – or whats this about?

Hello to everyone at wordpress and all future readers! This is my official first post so I’m going to explain what this blog is about.

This is my science blog where I want to explain (or define) some of the areas of science that I find interesting.

I’ve found that a lot of people find it difficult to understand science from the outset so I’m going to try and do this in as clear and accessible a way as I can.   Hopefully as I gain subscribers we can build a community where everyone will throw out the questions they want answered or the topics they want debated.

So I want to make this fun and get everyone involved…

Watch this space!!!