OED Definition (2): The branch of science that deals with living organisms as objects of study, apart from any utilitarian value they may have, and now comprising more specialized disciplines such as zoology, botany, and bacteriology. (1)

Biology is the science of Life. Because of this it’s quite a wide and varied subject. Yet it also means it is often the most interesting and relateable field of science.

Subjects will include (this may change over time with additions and the possible merging of subjects):

  • Zoology (science of animals) which can itself be split into subjects such as: Physiology, anatomy and neuroscience as well as many more.
  • Botany (science of plants) Which can include GM studies and photosynthesis (the power engine that keeps this entire world running).
  • One subject of contention is Medicine, I am unsure if it should come under Zoology (it is primarily animal, although pharmacology uses a lot of plants), if it should hold it’s own section within the Biological science, as it is fairly unique, or if it should be it’s own header altogether (it does contain aspects of biology, chemistry and physics, so could be held completely separately!).



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  1. Questions and Classifications « Science Defined

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