Impossible Maths and Cows on Holiday

There’s a couple of things that I don’t understand about my 8 months off from the blog. The first one is the impossible math concerning followers. During these 8 months I gained 5 followers, but I wrote nothing. The obvious question is how they found and followed the blog, even when no one was writing anything (nevertheless my thanks goes out for the interest). The second, slightly more fun part, is that this technically gives a ratio of (followers:words written) 5:0. Which may as well be ∞:0. By that logic this blog will be most successful  if I go on a permanent holiday.

It’s a shame I’m in this for the science then…

Oh damn, someone has spilt some form of red ink on top of conveniently related search phrases…

The other odd thing also addresses the first question (how/why did people find and follow the blog). Out of interest I checked up on my stats to see what was the most successful search term for the blog. Quite satisfyingly brain and evolution (two of my favourite areas) are in the lead by a long way. But oddly after that there is a succession of people wanting to read about cows. The Belgian Blue Bull specifically which I mentioned in a post here.

Why are people so interested in cows? and why are they more fascinating then Lego, the ingredients of the body or how we’re all empty inside. More to the point why are they important in general? Cow’s milk seems to be the be all and end all of cereal solvent, cow leather is used mostly in high-end clothing and steaks are ridiculously expensive at the best of times! What’s wrong with horse milk? or pig leather? or ostrich burgers?

I wish I could say these are some of the fundamental questions in the world that I will be dealing with over the next few posts. But I probably won’t unless there’s something vaguely scientific about anything I find out. Instead this post is just an odd attempt to try and connect the time before I went on hiatus to the current.

And with that I’m going to go on holiday (seriously I am, but only for a few days this time, and I’ll be writing down ideas the whole time! honest 😉 )

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  1. I will continue to read. Dont go on a permanent holiday!

  2. I find that I get followers (and abnormal numbers of readers) at the strangest times. Some followers and likes seem to be spam though, I think.


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