Questions and Classifications

So I’ve been busy uploading, drafting and styling the site for the last couple of days (list of uploaded pages at the bottom of this post). I’ve had a vague idea of the structures I’d like to put down and they are finally coming into being! However, I have run into a few issues, questions and controversial problems. So I thought I’d post about it.

First off I’ve split science up into four main groups, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths. The last was a bit of a late addition but I think it’s important to understand a lot of the other three! Then I’ve split these into some of their subgroups (I’ll probably put in more options than what I’ve described). But here’s my first issue: Medicine. Where the hell does it go! It’s primarily associated with animals, so could go in zoology. But it will at least double the subjects size, on top of that some stuff is still relevant to plants… So is it another branch of Biology? Well then you have to consider the chemical side to medicine (drugs etc.) and the physical (medical imaging, mechanics…) So is it it’s own science? If it is does that mean other major branches of science have to be distinguished? I have no idea, honestly.

So the next question is about the most basic science, the stuff that you really need to know but applies to most branches of science. For example atoms are half chemistry and half  physics, but you need to know about them for biology. So where do these odd inbetweeners go? I have a science category but I wanted to reserve that for the practice of science, not basic overlapping content…

And finally there’s WordPress. Putting my categories in alphabetical order so my disclaimer comes in the middle of the four sciences and the pages system gets a bit cluttered… Blog teething pains I guess…

Anyway if anyone has any suggestions for what I’ve done so far feel free to comment.

As promised here’s a list of the newly uploaded pages:


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