A nice post on the limits of our senses. With a few great illustrations!

First half has a nice explanation of the science. The second half concentrates on other issues, but is still an interesting read!

Cedar's Digest

I don’t often write about gender and science, but I have been thinking and reading about it lately. If you were hoping for my typical aloof lecturing, or overblown (yet intellectual) ranting, just wait a few days (or you could revisit what I think of David Brooks and Larry Summers).

At a wonderful dinner out at the recent Science Online Conference, I found myself explaining why I consider myself a psychologist, even though some people don’t consider the study of visual perception “psychological.” This comes up often in response to the question: “Are you going to use your psychology knowledge to analyze me?” “I’m not that kind of psychologist,” I say. Then, because the food hadn’t come yet, and I had drunk a beer on an empty stomach, I waxed poetic about the color purple. I launched into an explanation of how we perceive color, and how an…

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  1. Argus

     /  07/11/2012

    No time to view the vid bit but I always thought that colour per se doesn’t ‘exist’ anyway? Much like that silly old falling tree landing silently if there’s nobody there to hear it.

  1. Sight: The Science of Vision | Science Defined

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