Myth Debunker: We Only Use 10% Of Our Brains.

Myths are a plague upon Science!

Great for Hollywood, especially disaster movies, but a plague for Science!

One of the my pet hates is the myth : “We only use 10% of our brains!”

some of us probably use even less...

We don’t use 10% of our brains in total. We use all of it. If you only used 10% you would most likely drop dead, or brain dead, on the spot.

Logically, why would we even evolve something we don’t even use?!?!?!

Not only this but we now know what a lot of the different parts of the brain do! So it’s definitely a load of bull.

How could we live without using any of these areas?

Instead there will be areas of our brain we won’t use all of the time. Example, I won’t be using the talking part of my brain when I’m not talking. Or the area dedicated to moving my leg when I’m not moving it. But we will still use them at some point.

Cumulatively by ‘not doing anything’ we might only be using a smaller portion of our brain. But considering that all of our senses take up a huge portion of the brain, I doubt it would be as low as 10%…

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  1. Whoever thinks that this myth is true, s/he definitely has to see an real-time fMRI images acquisition. S/he will be amazed!

  1. The Psych Life » Can Our Minds Really Be Limitless? [Guest Author - Ariel Banda]

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