Life: In The Making…

This is just an update about my intentions:

As I’ve been talking about evolution I have been continuously mentioning genetics, heritability and reproduction. So I thought the next place to go to would be DNA and embryology. This will hopefully give this entire series on life a richer understandings on our beginnings, and how we maintain life.

These are two of the most important topics in Biology, DNA especially. So I think it’s going to take a bit of explaining… but I hope by the end we will all understand this:

After that bit I think I will have most of the biology I wanted to cover covered. I might still do a bit of Neuroscience and Brain stuff (my speciality) after, but then we can move on to other areas of science and Life!

Of course if anyone thinks I’ve missed something out, or wants to contribute with their own article, feel free to leave a comment or message me. The Facebook page is also up if anyone wants to discuss anything there. I’m probably going to set up a questions page at some point which will allow people to leave ideas and propositions.

Watch this space.

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  1. I searched deep inside myself although reading your content material and it touched me deeply. Thank you

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