Life: What’s The Body Made Of – A Summary

I forgot to post this video up with the more recent posts.

Water, 35 liters. Carbon, 20 kilograms. Ammonia, 4 liters. Lime, 1.5 kilograms. Phosphorous, 800 grams. Salt, 250 grams. Saltpeter, 100 grams. Sulfur, 80 grams.Fluorine, 7.5, iron, 5, silicon, 3 grams, and trace amounts of 15 other elements…

The above is a quote from a popular anime and manga series and I think is a rough estimate for the the basic components of a 60 kg human body. So if you want to make a human like mush, those are the ingredients you need (and you can probably buy all of them with ease).

Here’s a slightly more accurate measurement from wiki:

The human body’s basic ingredients are water, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, ions, salt, bases, acids, carbon-dioxide, and hydrogen peroxide. The human body is made up of 2/3’s of water and has enough iron to make a 3 inch nail. The human body’s total amount of water can fill a 10 gallon tank. The human body has three basic elements. Oxygen (61% or 43kg), carbon (23% or 16kg), and hydrogen (10% or 7kg). The human body contains 8 pints of blood. If you were to somehow remove all of the DNA from a single sell and lay it all down by the ends, it would be 6 feet in length. To be as close as science will let us and in an elemental sense, the average adult male, 5’11”, 167lbs, is composed of: water 35 liters, carbon 20kg, amonia 4 liters, lime 1.5kg phosphorus 800g, salt 250g, saltpeter 100g sulfur 80g, fluorine 7.5g, iron 5g, silicon 3g, and 15 other trace amounts of other elements.

Again following on from what I was saying earlier about how we are more or less made up of Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates. In this quote you will see that a human is roughly 94% Oxygen, Carbon and Hydrogen.

Out of over 100 elements 3 doesn’t sound like much, but almost all of a Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate molecule is made up of those three elements (in varying quantities). If you added a little phosphorous and sulfur, you could make every protein fat and carbohydrate that you need to make a human body.

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  1. I’ve always loved that Fullmetal Alchemist quote. Also Vic Manyana. Friend of mine met him at a convention once and asked him why he was there. The guy smiled, said in Ed Elric’s voice “Oh, no reason…” and then walked away.

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