Drink Some Water!

Lets tie up this dieting bit with some liquid knowledge:

There was some stuff I heard a couple of years ago about a water diet and ‘water weight’.

Firstly, yes we are meant to drink a lot of water every day. We’re told 2 litres is the best option, which means we drink 2 kilo’s of the stuff a day. So some people might think it’s smart to lose their ‘water weight’ and drop an easy 2 kilo’s. True it’s not that hard, just don’t drink for a few days and you’ll lose it, but here’s the catch: you’ll die.

Humans can live for over a month without food. We can’t live for more than a couple of days without water. I was previously talking about the three most important types of molecules in the body. I didn’t mention that THE most important is water. It takes up two thirds of the body and if that’s lowered by only a few percent, we die.

Likewise the opposite is true. You get the odd story about someone drinking 5 litres of water in 10 minutes (I have no idea how) and then subsequently ‘drowning’. That’s kind of true, the amount of water in their body rises so much that it kills them.

It’s like putting tea onto a sugar cube. Too little tea and it will be too sweet. Too much tea and you won’t be able to taste the sugar at all.

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  1. But our food does contain a large quantity of water anyway. The addition of an extra 2 litres is a bit extreme and isn’t needed for a healthy body unless one is engaging in activity that will result in dehydration.

  2. You’re right, we get a lot of water from foods like fruit and veg as well as other drinks like tea. But the total should tally up to about 2 litres. Maybe ‘drink’ wasn’t the best choice of words, but it sounds better than total intake.

    Either way anyone who is dedicated enough to lose their water weight would probably know which foods to try and avoid as well.

  3. Interesting post – drinking 2+ litres a day isn’t a bad idea in my opinion, it actually helps lower body volume. Bodybuilders (I’m not one) do this all the time to enhance their physique.

    • This is off the top of my head so not sure how reliable this is, but I’m pretty sure that in the few days before a bodybuilding competition they will starve themselves of water so as to get as low a body fat/weight they can to give the best definition. By the end they are practically as weak as kittens as you can only hold that level of body fat for a few hours without having serious effects.

      Also for people with kidney disease, drinking too much water a day can cause serious problems (pulmonary oedema etc.).

      Overall you can deal with 2+ water and it’s ok, as long as your healthy, but there is not much need for it.

  4. Water diets are great! It provides a quick, easy way to lose weight. Great post!


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